Legal Paternity Test

A Legal Paternity Test for child maintenance, inheritance disputes and immigration purposes with fast, fully accredited results that can be used as evidence in court.

Only $399 with results in 3-5 working days from receipt of samples

Government departments, such as the Border Agency, and courts such as the Family Court, require a legally compliant testing process before they will accept DNA test results as evidence of a biological relationship. They need to be sure that the correct person has been tested and that the samples have not been tampered with at any stage. You may have started with a Home DNA Paternity Test because these are convenient and cost-effective, but on receiving the results, you may feel the need for further action. Home DNA tests are not legally valid as evidence in a court, because the legal system demands certain safeguards to ensure that the sample has been collected in controlled circumstances. For this, you need a Legal Paternity Test.

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What Makes a Legal Paternity Test Legally Valid?

To make the test valid, everyone taking part must start by proving their identity, using valid identification documents, with photo ID such as a passport or driving licence.

Each test participant must also provide two passport-sized photographs. These are endorsed on the back by the sample collector to verify that they are a true likeness of the person providing the sample.

An independent sampler, often a doctor or a nurse, then takes the sample and testifies that it was done properly. The samples are sealed on the spot with tamper-proof seals. They are then documented, before being sent to the laboratory. When they arrive at the laboratory, they are logged again and thoroughly checked before being tested.

This secure process provides what the law calls a “chain of custody”. This is a watertight process, during which the evidence, in this case the DNA samples, cannot be interfered with.

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Our Laboratories Provide Legal Paternity Test Results That Can Be Trusted

The next step is testing. We use fully accredited laboratories to carry out legal paternity tests, and they operate under strict quality guidelines. You can trust their results because they have had to achieve the highest accreditation levels. These procedures ensure that the results of the tests will be accepted as evidence.

What’s more, we test 21 genetic markers, making our DNA tests among the most accurate available, which ensures that you can have complete confidence in the result.

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Will a Legal Paternity Test Help in A Family Law Case?

Legal paternity tests can be used by parents who are seeking either to prove or to disprove paternity. A mother or other carer may wish to prove paternity, in order to seek support for a child. A father may believe that a child is not his, and may wish to challenge any support order.

A legal paternity test can also be used by a parent who is being prevented from seeing a child, to prove that the child is theirs, and to support a case for access to the child.

DNA tests are not only used to prove or disprove the parentage of a child. They can also be used in cases where a will or estate is being contested, and there is uncertainty about who is legally entitled to inherit the estate.

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Fast and Discreet Service

We understand that the decision to pursue a Legal Paternity Test is often a stressful one, and we work hard to minimise the time you have to wait for the test results.

Similarly, we see this is a private family matter and all our communication with you is in discreet packaging that does not give others any hint about the contents.

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Placing Your Needs at The Centre of Our Service

We are aware of how difficult this process can be. We promise to deal with you in an open and transparent way. For example, unlike other DNA testing firms, our fees are straightforward and easy to understand, without hidden extras. When you talk to our team, you’ll be talking to people who understand the process, and we come highly recommended by many previous clients. Your welfare will be a key concern at all times. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements and click here to view Testimonials from Our Many Satisfied Customers.

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